Need Continues, Even After The Holidays

A youth's hand collects and assembles puzzle pieces of a jigsaw on a wooden background. background selective blur, conceptWe are often asked what happens to items leftover from holiday gift drives. So, we thought we’d share a recent story of how leftover holiday items helped us address an immediate foster family’s need.

A young couple going through the foster care licensing process with us unexpectedly received placement of their neighbor’s two children (female age 10 and male age 13). But, they were not eligible to receive financial support from the state to cover the children’s expenses until the licensing was complete. The kids’ story is a sad one that includes Mom’s continuous mental health problems and criminal abuse of the children by her boyfriend.

The foster family received the children on December 22nd and were able to cover Christmas. They’re doing well but finances are tight; one parent is a social worker and the other a child care worker. They are still working to recover from the unexpected expenses from the placement so close to the Holiday. The kids were both in need of clothes and both had upcoming birthdays. So, our director of licensing requested a list of things each kiddo might like to receive for their birthdays. Upon receiving the list, he turned to the development team in hopes some of the kid’s desired items might be found in leftover holiday donations.

As a result of an amazingly successful Hope for the Holidays Campaign, we provided the requested hoodies, blankets, some additional clothing for each child, sketch pads and drawing pencils, and a friendship bracelet kit for the youngest – all items provided by gift drives hosted by companies and individuals. The development team learned that the family doesn’t have a T.V., so they also included a couple of games and a puzzle for the family to enjoy together.

Thank you to all the foster parents out there, our foster care team, and donors, like you, for supporting kids and those who open their hearts & homes.

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