AS MUCH as we delight in our limited run of summer days in the heartland, there is nothing quite like a perfect summer night. The air cools off, the sky fills with stars, and the freaks aren’t the only ones who come out to soak up the moonlight. For those who appreciate the solitude and sexiness in equal measure, we mapped out a full season of nightlife essentials, including an overnight bike ride, after-hours public pool parties, a delicious midnight snack (hint: you’ll find it in a parking lot), and the best spots to gaze upon downtown’s glittery skyline. So get out there. We’ll leave the porch light on.

Indy natives looking to take in entertainment under the stars yet outside of cars have two primary choices: Symphony on the Prairie & the Summer Nights Film Series
One of the city's best sights is its own skyline. Best seen as dusk rolls in, here are some of the best places around town to get the most spectacular views.
Grab a Frisbee and leash up the dog. Tibbs Drive-In debuts its big refresh.
Tips to make your outdoor moviegoing experience as pleasant as possible for everyone involved.
Once the sun is sinking, you may find yourself thinking, "What activities can I get up to?"
Indianapolis Speedrome is home to young drivers racing old run hand-built Outlaw Late Models, Street Stocks, and FasKarts.
How to build a campfire everyone will want to gather around.
Midwest parking lot sunsets are unbeatable with its beauty, and its free. They are also unpredictable with its vibrant colors at night.
Summer nights under the stars are much more impressive when you can get away from the city lights to actually see the firmament twinkle in all its splendor.
Taco Loco M&C is a hip, disco-lit food truck that serves Mexican and Chinese food. The food truck is usually at 86th Street and Ditch Road.