Dr. Saura Fortin Erazo – Eskenazi Health

Dr. Saura Fortin Erazo, primary care physician
Eskenazi Health

Eskenazi research has found a 16-year difference in life expectancy between residents of our northern suburbs versus residents downtown. Why, and what’s the solution?

Many things contribute to that. Social caste, economic status, access to care, the quality of care, and access to healthy food and safe places to exercise, just to name a few. Violence also plays a role. When people don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods, the last thing on their minds is exercising and eating healthy. This is something that health systems all across the country are seeing, not just in Indianapolis. And the solution comes from two sources: federal and state government on the macro level and individual health systems on the micro level. Many times, finding new ways for patients to simply get to a doctor improves outcomes, so our clinics are located on IndyGo routes.

Understanding the community is also key. Health systems need to hire from within their community. This brings in people who understand the needs of those around them. Patients want to see physicians or advanced practice clinicians who represent them, whether that be through their ethnicity, nationality, or sex.

The east side of the city is an area in huge need of health care and environmental safety. We are building our new location in that area to support those communities. This new location will not only provide medical support but also be a drive-thru food pantry.