Taste Test: Nog-Offs

Fragrant with nutmeg and vanilla, silky eggnog is coming out of hibernation to make its annual holiday rounds in both traditional form and in some unique interpretations. Here’s where to find the cream that rises to the top around Indy.
Photo by Tony Valainis

Lick Ice Cream

Lick does not skimp on ingredients, throwing cognac, rum, and fresh nutmeg into this noggy ice cream. “Before we added booze, it was missing that oomph!” owner Meredith Kong laughs. The Garage food hall; 1049 E. 54th St.; 317-979-0237

Tulip Tree Creamery

Dutch dairy king Fons Smits flexes his culinary skills by infusing a rich pudding base with perfectly balanced nutmeg, vanilla, and rum flavoring to sell at local winter farmers markets and the creamery’s own holiday pop-up events. 6330 Corporate Dr., 317-399-8086

Macaron Bar

From Black Friday through Christmas, this Mass Ave confectionary laces white chocolate ganache with nutmeg and rum extract, then sandwiches it between almond meringues for the perfect bite of quintessential eggnog flavor. A little extra spice on the shell is the icing on the cake—so to speak. 425 Massachusetts Ave., 317-762-6443

Traders Point Creamery

Made with milk from their grass-fed cows, this high-butterfat sipper is a beauty. Snag some at their farm store quick—it sells out fast—or linger over an eggnog cocktail at The Loft. 9101 Moore Rd., Zionsville, 317-733-1700