Unspoken Rules: Pedal Pubs

If you’re going to day-drink and crucify Poison songs, do it right.

• Beer and wine only. This isn’t Carb Day.

• Each pedal pub makes designated bar stops, though you can request detours.

• Be nice to your driver. He controls the brakes. Tip, too.

• BYOB, music, and cooler.

• Be aware that everyone can hear your music. Do not bring crappy music.

• The only respectable time to use the Pickled Pedaler’s backup motor is to power through a stoplight.

• For $25, you can ride the Handlebar without rustling up a group of friends.

• No heckling pedestrians. You’re not funny when you’re drunk.

• Unless there’s a freak inland hurricane, this is rain or shine.

• Resist racing the carriage horses around the Circle. Your top speed is 5 miles per hour. The horses will win.