Video: Sasheer Zamata’s Funniest Moments

Highlights from the Hoosier comedian’s sketch and stand-up reels prove that SNL audiences haven’t seen anything yet.

Sasheer Zamata’s resume appears in our March issue, illustrating how the Pike High School grad worked her way up New York’s comedy circuit to SNL. All right, it’s not her real resume, but all of it’s true—and it brings to light influential aspects of her life in Indianapolis that haven’t been mentioned elsewhere. While we wait for Lorne Michaels to let Zamata shine, check out this NSFW compendium of her work before the big break, including, some predict, a preview of SNL characters to come.

“Sasheer Meets Her Flasher”

This is the signature Zamata moment, one that drew praise from Girls creator Lena Dunham and The Jimmy Fallon show.

Stand-Up on Racist Advertising Execs

Zamata is often at her best when she skewers the advertising world’s habit of stereotyping black people, informed by her experiences auditioning for commercial voiceover work in New York.

“Black Mad Men” / “Be Blacker” / “White Ad Execs Make Commercials for Black People”

Zamata never runs out of material on Madison Avenue racism. She wrote these pieces and performed in two.


“Break Up Prep”

This stand-up showcase lacks the production quality of the flasher video, but it contains just as much physical comedy and creativity. Stick with it.


Cooking Channel’s “Fodder”

How to make an omelet in your one-night stand’s kitchen.


This article is a companion piece to the feature “Hired!” in the March 2014 issue.