Colts Kicker Pat McAfee Drug-Tested a Day after Tackling Returner

The right-leg “boomstick” owner’s takedown of Trindon Holliday may or may not have earned him some facetime with the NFL’s medical examiners.

It’s the Pat McAfee Show, and we’re invited. On the heels of his massive tackle on Denver Broncos kick returner Trindon Holliday, Indianapolis Colts kicker Pat McAfee made himself available for a urine-based drug test on Monday at the request of the NFL. To the surprise of no one, he duly tweeted a photo of that summons.
“Pat McAfee is going to be a legend among kickers,” said Cris Collinsworth of NBC Sports on live television after the swift-footed Colt landed his Sunday-night tackle before a national audience. The Colts’ 39-33 defeat of the Broncos was the most hotly anticipated contest of this NFL regular season. The Colts improved to a 5-2 record while Peyton Manning and the Broncos suffered their first defeat of the season (6-1).
In light of all the injuries and steroid abuses in professional sports these days, taking the utmost caution is imperative. That said, the NFL’s redundant note about taking along a photo I.D. probably wasn’t needed in McAfee’s case. Suffice it to say, everyone who didn’t already now knows who he is.
Yet it’s that #UpperBodyOfAnAdolescent hashtag that truly sets McAfee apart from his colleagues, and his tweeting peers, these days. No wonder he was IM‘s pick as Best Twitter Follow in December.

Photo by Wil Foster; hair and makeup by Amanda Schroeder