Dine Like Jimmy Fallon

Looks like Jimmy Fallon ate Recess out of seared Spanish sardines last night. He ordered extras after polishing off the first batch, followed by a meal of Winnipeg jumbo walleye, Viking Ranch lamb loin, and lemon sour cream cake (all more embellished than we’ve indicated, of course). Tonight’s menu features none of those Fallon-approved sardines, though that’s to be expected—the restaurant’s prix-fixe menu changes every night. Whatever Greg Hardesty whips up at Recess or his adjacent spot, Room 4, has always blown us away. The talk-show host, who has been the toast of the town this week, toasted Hardesty and his staff on Twitter after dinner. Hardesty had equally generous things to say about his star diner, who received a personal tour of the kitchen: “He is the coolest, most down-to-earth ‘celebrity’ (I don’t think he considers himself one) I’ve ever been around.”

Some of Fallon’s co-workers are headed to Recess soon, and you can, too—the restaurant, just a few miles north of downtown, still has availability, and it’s staying open till at least midnight.
Hardesty’s genius will also be on display when he represents Indy at Saturday’s Taste of the NFL, where a top toque from each city with an NFL team will be paired with a player to wine and dine the swanky crowd.
Photo courtesy Recess’s Facebook page