My Super Job: Ben Snyder

Name: Ben Snyder

Day Job: Marketing Coordinator at the Indiana Repertory Theatre

Super Job: Performer in Madonna’s Halftime Show

What I do: It’s a secret … I signed a lot of paperwork that obligates me to keep it all on the hush.

Been doing it since: Costume fitting and first rehearsal were on January 25.

How did you find out about this gig? A friend sent me the casting info through Facebook. I sent in my headshot and resume–I’m also an actor with some experience in musical theater–and the production team invited me to be part of the show.

Perks of My Super Job: Performing with Madonna. Been dreaming about this since I first danced along to The Immaculate Collection on cassette tape when I was 7 years old. Still can’t believe it.

Going to the game? Nope. I’ll be busy getting ready, I imagine.

Super Bowl winner prediction: I’ll be performing with Madonna, so I’m the real winner! But seriously, I have no idea. Not really invested in the actual game.

Dream celebrity encounter during SB weekend: Duh.