Spotted: Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp at IU Game

Looking borderline incognito, Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp took in Indiana’s home victory on Jan. 10 against Minnesota. The former is the actress perhaps best known for playing “Sally” to Billy Crystal’s “Harry,” and the latter is some local corn-fed guy who was born in a small town once upon a time and went on to warble about pink houses and two creatures named Jack and Diane.
“But don’t call him Johnny Cougar,” said Big Ten Network announcer Gus Johnson, in admitting readily to fellow commentator Jim Jackson that he has a fair number of Mellencamp tunes housed on his iPod. (Frankly, we’re just glad to hear that Gus Johnson owns an iPod. See the video of the sighting and their exchange here.)
The pair have been an item for years now, and regularly attend IU games in Bloomington. When IM last covered them, Mellencamp had feted his ladyfriend with a 50th birthday party in November 2011 at Dunaway’s restaurant right here in downtown Indianapolis.
Thoughts on this coupling, IU fans and/or celebrity chasers?
Photo by US Presswire via