They Liked It—So They Put a Ring On It

For avid football fans, as well as those who have an appreciation for fine jewelry, a collection of almost every shimmering Super Bowl rings ever produced may catch your fancy.

A recent piece featured on showcases 44 Super Bowl rings and includes a personal story from a recipient of the Super Bowl ring in each year, starting with the first Super Bowl in 1966 and culminating with Super Bowl XLIV in 2009. Included in the lineup is the Indianapolis Colts’ own kicker, Adam Vinatieri, representing the champion 2006 squad.

The article also features clips from Jostens, the maker of the Super Bowl ring, and former players and coaches—as well as slices of fun trivia about this unique piece of jewelry envied by many.

Who do you think will be sliding these pieces onto their fingers come 2012?