A Knockout Plate Of Portuguese Fries At Noblesville’s Bica Café

Bica Café in Noblesville’s Portuguese fries.

This hearty, picante plate of carbs is among the elegant European-inspired brunch dishes at Maria and Mark Sciuchetti’s Bica Café in Noblesville. Russet brown and surprisingly earthy house fries hold up to all of the spicy sauces on top. Piri piri sauce lends them just the right zing and burn, while an unapologetic punch of garlic aioli gives the dish another layer of flavor. A sweet hint of roasted red peppers mirrors the heat in the piri piri sauce. Rich Portuguese brown sauce starts with wine, beef, and a host of aromatic seasonings, but the absence of flour means this is a silky, smooth gravy much lighter than you’d expect. Finally, just enough runny yolk remains in an over-easy egg to bathe the mix in its own creamy sauce.