Four Fantastic Indy Restaurants For Fresh And Tasty Poke Bowls

These Indianapolis spots take Hawaii’s classic fish dish in some fun directions.
Poke bowl with fish and rice
A poke bowl from Ali’i Poke. Credit: Jes Nijjer/Indianapolis Monthly

It’s been about 30 years since poke bowls made a splash on the mainland. A common regional dish of the islands of Hawaii, they are now a fast casual standby in the 48 contiguous states, with variations far beyond the simply delicious offerings of fish, rice, and toppings. Indianapolis restaurant owners have risen to the challenge, coming up with versions that range from the classically minimal to an excess-bordering bounty. Here are four great places to find a satisfying and delightful poke bowl in Indy.

Ali’i Poke

Indy’s longest-standing poke shop originally set out to serve the local Polynesian community, but co-owner Jasmine Cheung says they soon realized Ali’i Poke’s customer base was far wider. This is the place to find tropical choices like tako or pineapple, and sauces are all house-made with an eye to the flavor profiles of Hawaii. Multiple locations

Poke Guru

A downtown food hall favorite, Poke Guru claims it’s a healthier dining choice, and its sleek minimalism certainly evokes that vibe. Walk-up customers can choose between five signature bowls, all with potential customization—or you can build your own by ordering online. Proteins are tuna, salmon, or tofu; mix-ins are a curated list of Japanese-influenced items. Multiple locations

Sushi Boss

Following the pizza industry’s lead, Sushi Boss offers a selection of well-considered signature bowls as well as custom offerings. Base choices are limited to sushi rice or leaf lettuce, but protein picks abound. The fish-fearful even have options, including short ribs or chicken, but the raw salmon offerings (smoked, spicy, or plain) are the stars. Multiple locations 

Moar Tea & Poke

Variety is the name of the game at Moar, where the less decisive can get bogged down in a seemingly endless customization list that includes chicken, bacon, and nine different sauces. There’s a multitude of greens to sub in for rice and 14 potential mix-ins if you’re looking for a salad-skewing experience. 448 Massachusetts Ave., 317-737-1897