Amelia's Breads

City Loaf: An all-around loaf. Subtle wheat flavors highlight anything you put on it. TRY IT: On the sandwiches or at dinner service at The Legend

Country Loaf: Whole grains make this loaf dense and sweet TRY IT: As a veggie sandwich piled with sprouts, avocados, mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes.

Pullman Loaf: Soft white bread with rich, buttery flavor TRY IT: With the mortadella from Smoking Goose.

Semolina: A hearty loaf with hints of fennel and crunchy sesame seeds on top. TRY IT: Beside a filet of halibut grilled with olive oil, garlic and oregano

Brioche Hamburger Bun: soft, buttery, and sweet. TRY IT: At Duos on the roasted pork sandwich

Francese: Light and crusty TRY IT: As crostini or bruschetta