Black Market

Best Restaurant 2018 Winner

Black Market

While consistency has been the key to this Mass Ave standard’s success, creativity and change are what keep customers coming back. You may head here dreaming of the pork chop or the fish fry-up you had the last time, but then a lamb flatbread or crispy duck leg cassoulet with kraut pierogi will win your heart. And while you can’t stop yourself from hot, bubbling Welsh rarebit or bone marrow slathered on planks of grilled bread now and then, you’ll just as often end up splitting a whole grilled loup de mer or a Spanish tortilla topped with beef heart and garlicky Romesco sauce. Credit well-traveled chef and co-owner Micah Frank’s tireless curiosity and desire to assemble the flavors of the globe out of what he finds in local gardens. His desserts have especially stepped up, particularly when he works in some Tulip Tree Creamery cheeses or cracks some local black walnuts for a butterscotch cake with candied orange and crème fraîche.

In preparation for co-owner Ed Rudisell’s soon-to-open Inferno Room, the annual summer barbecue month has taken on some tiki touches, transporting diners to a luau.

“Don’t be put off by our burger that’s half lamb and pink inside. I’m not a burger girl, but it won my heart.” — Michelle McAtee, General Manager

922 Massachusetts Ave., 317-822-6767