Eight New Indy Coffee Spots

Roast of the Town

Urbanites in need of a caffeine fix have more options than ever—with others buzzing in soon.


Bee Coffee Roasters

201 S. Capitol Ave., 317-426-2504, beecoffeeroasters.com

At this locally owned cafe across from the Indiana Convention Center, the cappuccino menu includes potent quaffs like the Shagadelic (espresso steeped in cardamom pods sweetened with shagbark syrup) and Dr. Tim’s Special (a triple shot of espresso with half-and-half and honey). Coffee enthusiasts head straight for the pour-over cups of single-origin beans brewed to order.


0315_quillsQuills Coffee

335 W. 9th St., 317-426-1431, quillscoffee.com

A Louisville-based operation with an Indy location in the 9 on Canal luxury-apartment complex, Quills offers masterfully prepared espressos and pour-overs. The company also carries a naturally processed coffee in which the bean remains encased in a cherry while they both dry, creating a fruitier, sweeter product. Friendly and informative baristas do a good job of educating customers for a deeper level of java appreciation.


0315_milesquareMile Square Coffee Roastery

12 E. Ray St.,317- 296-8181, milesquarecoffee.com

The civic-minded roaster delivers Chemex-brewed cups of coffee from single-origin beans via a coffee truck emblazoned with a map of downtown. A pastry chef creates treats specifically to pair with a rotating selection of brews from around the coffee belt—such as a lemon zest–and–rosemary scone that brings out the floral notes of the Ethiopian single-origin brew. Stay tuned for a curbside cafe.


0315_stumptownGeneral American Donut Company

827 S. East St., 317-379-7293, generalamericandonutco.com

Portland’s Stumptown Roasters coffee is offered here in drip, espresso, and bottled forms—the only cup of joe worthy of dunking something as exotic as GADCO’s maple-bourbon-bacon doughnut. Dine in for a delightfully bright cup of espresso and a creme brulee doughnut served (if you’re lucky) on a “kitty plate.”


0315_piaPia Urban Cafe & Market

2834 E. Washington St.

An Englewood Community Development Corporation project set to open in late spring or early summer, Pia (as adorable as its next-door neighbor, Tlaolli) will highlight a Latin American take on the magic bean. Puerto Rican beans from Julian Coffee Roasters of Zionsville will be brewed in a manual espresso machine. Pick up a cortadito and a Cuban sandwich.


0315_kaffeineKaffeine Coffee Company

1301 W. 16th St., 317-201-4882

With plans to open a permanent address at the Athenaeum in the spring, the Kaffeine truck offers a variety of preparation methods, including pour-overs, immersions, and vacuum brews. Its three-bean blend produces a long-lasting crema for an espresso menu of foamy, creamy coffee drinks from around the world.


0315_hubbardHubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea

11 S. Meridian St., 317-295-2336, hubbardandcravens.com

The newest addition to the locally owned Hubbard & Cravens family focuses on a precision approach to coffee prep with the sleek ModBar pour-over system. Each cup is brewed to order.



534 Virginia Ave., 317-986-5131, milktoothindy.com

A seasonally rotating menu of joes has included roasts from Bee and Quills, as well as Indy’s Tinker Coffee Co., with an assortment of pastries to complement the artfully foamed espresso drinks. Belly up to the bar to watch the live cooking show with a V60 brew in hand.