Introducing: Condado Tacos

Five things you should know about Broad Ripple’s new taco joint.

For Mexican-food lovers looking to branch out beyond the same old chicken enchiladas or bean burritos, Condado Tacos arrived in town not a moment too soon. At this hip new Broad Ripple restaurant, the main draw is build-your-own tacos for $3.50–$4.50, with you selecting everything from the tortilla type (there are eight choices) to the protein (housemade chorizo, ghost-pepper steak, or barbecue pulled jackfruit, perhaps) to sauce (chipotle honey, garlicky chimichurri, and a secret house recipe are just the start). Actually, there are more choices to be made, but we’ll stop lest we scare away the indecisive.

Condado isn’t new to the Midwest. The first debuted in Columbus in 2014. Since then, it has filled shells in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and now here in Indy. With bumpin’ music and art covering the walls, it’s the energetic—and affordable—hot spot Broad Ripple Avenue needed. Here’s a quick guide to an optimal dining experience.

  1. Don’t go for a quiet lunch or business meeting. For a fun time full of tequila and tacos? Yes. To discuss this year’s fiscal growth? No.
  2. Ask questions. The servers can help you make the tricky decision between the pineapple salsa and Dirty Queso. Pro tip: Try the Bubba Kush, an iconic hard-shell taco wrapped in a tortilla. With pulled pork, barbecue sauce, jicama slaw, cilantro, cheddar, and pineapple salsa, it’ll blow your mind.

    Margarita at Condado
  3. Get a margarita, preferably the mezcal-based Smoke and Bones. Better yet, come in on July 24 to celebrate National Tequila Day with half-off margs.
  4. Prepare to dust off your old test-taking skills. For DIY creations, Condado uses a Scantron-like ticket system—like those fill-in-the-bubble high-school test sheets.
  5. Condado has a big brunch draw, but it’s also open until 3 a.m. on the weekend. Meaning you can walk a couple doors over after partying at Rock Lobster on Friday or Saturday night. But the kitchen closes at 1 a.m., something to keep in mind if you’ve danced up an appetite.
    838 Broad Ripple Ave., 463-206-2768,