Locavore: Home Delivery

Building the perfect holiday care package for Hoosiers near and far.

Amber Waves Apple Kissed Granola
Husk Foods
Granola made by the Greenfield company best known for its flash-frozen fresh corn is reminiscent of your favorite pie crust, but a bit healthier.

Wide Noodles
Das Dutchman Essenhaus
Indiana boasts the country’s third-largest Amish population. No care package would be complete without some chicken-soup flotation devices.

So Happy Together Peanut Butter
B. Happy
Jelly is not required (and you can skip the bread, too) when your peanut butter is flavored with

Blonde and Bitchy Brew
Strange Brew Coffee
This local coffee roast gets its name from a note that one disgruntled customer left at the popular Greenwood coffeehouse. “After a woman was asked to please put her shoes back on, she left me a mean note calling me a ‘blonde and bitchy barista,” says co-owner Toni Carr. A portion of each bag’s sales goes to Shoes for Humanity, which works to provide footwear to people in need. 4800 Smith Valley Rd., Greenwood, 881-5282.

Sriracha Bloody Mary Maker
Hoosier Momma
A blend of Sriracha, garlic, citrus, and peppers makes Hoosier Momma’s newest Bloody Mary mix a treat for the taste buds and the sinuses.

Frittle Bits
Newfangled Confections
Newfangled Confections owner Carrie Abbott says her vegan, gluten-free treats (described as a “kinder, softer brittle with a crispy-creamy texture and just a hint of salt”) are easy to ship, with a shelf life of three months.

Stone-ground Deli-style Mustard
Best Boy & Co.
A blend of mustard seeds with a hint of red pepper, this Roanoke-made condiment does more than top off a sandwich. Best Boy gives 100 percent of its proceeds to charities like the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Sun King Wee Mac Truffle
The Best Chocolate in Town
Another Sun King mashup, this bonbon pairs the hazelnut and toffee flavors of Wee Mac with dark chocolate. 880 Massachusetts Ave., 626-2800.

Pecan Tea Cookies
Roselyn Recipe
Even though the storefront bakeries are long gone, Roselyn treats remain available across Central Indiana, including bite-sized, fondant-dotted Pecan Tea Cookies that are a blast from the past.

Dark Chocolate Osiris Popcorn
Just Pop In
You may not be able to ship your loved one the Sun King beer that inspired this sweet and salty collaboration with Indy-based Just Pop In, but it’s a hard-to-resist alternative.

Island Mango Salsa
Crazy Charlie’s
With Indiana tomatoes as its base, this all-natural fiery salsa serves as a great dip for chips or marinade for meat.