Our Top 10 Dining Stories of 2013

Our most-viewed food-and-drink stories of the year, all in one setting.

Chew on this: Indy’s top dining stories of 2013 feature cheap eats, restaurant openings in Broad Ripple and Speedway, local notables’ last suppers, three of the town’s best watering holes, and more.


Honorable Mention: Cheap Eats: 24 Wallet-Friendly Spots — Tracking down good food (not junk) that won’t blow your budget requires special hunting-and-gathering skills. So we dug out our spare change and elastic-waist pants and dined in style at these eateries. [August]


10. Coming Soon: DeliciaAfter two and a half years of neighborhood opposition, Nicole Harlan-Oprisu and her business partners prepared to turn the lights on in the former Movie Gallery location. Delicia (Spanish for delight) was set to focus on Latin-fusion cuisine and craft cocktails. And it came to pass. [January]


9. Coming Soon: Barbecue and Bourbon — Readers got fired up for the latest addition to Speedway’s Main Street (now open). [July]


8. My Last Meal: Indy Notables Dish on Their Favorites — We posed this scenario to them: Tomorrow isn’t coming. Where do you go for the ultimate feast? [May]


7. Photos: Indiana State Fair Food — Featuring fried this and that—what will we see in 2014?—August’s annual food-farm-and-culture extravaganza had it all. [August]


6. Spotted: Martha Stewart at Napolese — Ahead of her address today at the JW Marriott, the business-and-lifestyle magnate dined downtown. We were there. [November]


5. One Drink, 10 Ways: The Moscow Mule — Three simple ingredients—vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice—go into the Moscow Mule, yet every bar makes this trendy cocktail its own. Our stubborn Mule aficionados found the best. [January]


4. Best Bars: No. 2 — The carefully composed drinks here—like the spritely Silver Gin Fizz, the fruity Cobbler’s Daughter, and the Last Word—are nothing short of cosmic. [January]


3. Best Bars: No. 5 — You’d be best served ordering one of the several thousand varieties of vino waiting in the wine cellar, one of the Midwest’s largest. This spot spared no expense in building its posh space, and neither will you when imbibing there. [January]


2. Best Bars: No. 1 — No tavern, nightclub, pub, lounge, or saloon currently represents Indy better than this bar, walled in brick and lit by dangling Edison bulbs, the perfect hideaway for anyone bent on a long, slow, booze-soaked evening. [January]


1. 25 Best Restaurants — Indy’s dining scene has never been more vibrant, and we applauded the top places to eat. [May]




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