Best Restaurant 2018 Winner


Now that it’s been on stage for more than two years at its second location, this rollicking tribute to Asian street food in Fletcher Place has enough classics in its repertoire that it could put out a greatest hits album. Steamed buns, harmonized with pork belly or hot chicken, would definitely make the cut, as would the always bright and flavorful karaage rice bowl with chicken thighs and Thai chilis. Noodles, whether Szechuan-inspired Dan Dan noodles with Berkshire pork and chili oil or ramen enriched with coconut milk and curry, would start the B side. And the Rook burger, a No. 1 hit from late 2016, would get extended play for its puffy sesame pancakes, marinated Brussels sprouts, and Big Mac–like add-ons such as pickles and “special sauce.” Bonus tracks would include sweet and refreshing halo halo with purple yam ice cream, your favorite breakfast cereal, sweet beans, assorted fruits, and marshmallow fluff. Even still, chef and co-owner Carlos Salazar puts out nearly another single every day in the form of wildly creative specials, which he serves up to his fans on his Instagram feed.

The menu now includes a full section of gin cocktails with housemade syrups.

Take a seat at the bar back in the corner of the dining room and let skilled ‘tender Eli Sanchez pair your cocktails with the day’s fresh oysters.

501 Virginia Ave., 317-737-2293