Swoon List 3.17.15

Five Things We Adore Right Now


1. Sriracha-tinged bibimbap—rice, veggies, and meat layered in a hot stone bowl and topped with a fried egg—a hearty alternative to the sushi at Miyagi’s (3625 E. 96th St., 317-846-7077).

2. A trio of jarred pots de creme at Spoke & Steele (123 S. Illinois St., 317-737-1616), including a classic chocolate, a tart lemon custard, and an especially luscious salted-caramel bundino version topped with caramel popcorn.

3. The Camp Oswega pizza at Napolese (114 E. 49th St., 317-925-0765; 30 S. Meridian St., 317-635-0765; 8702 Keystone Crossing, 317-705-0765). Crumbled hunks of Smoking Goose’s chicken-apple sausage join roasted fennel and Brussels sprouts under a light grating of cheddar.

4. Thick and meaty pan-roasted Chilean sea bass flavored with Romesco sauce and a drizzle of herb vinaigrette at Mesh (725 Massachusetts Ave., 317-955-9600). Crispy polenta cubes, pancetta, peas, mushrooms, and almonds add additional layers of flavor to the fish.

5. Egg Roll No. 1’s (4576 S. Emerson Ave., 317-787-2225) steaming-hot bowl of combination pho, stocked with strips of flank steak and plump beef balls bobbing amid the noodles. Bits of tripe and tendon enhance the broth’s deep, beefy perfume.

The Swoon List compiles our latest food-and-drink favorites. They’re not ranked, just delicious.