Introducing 1718 Bates-Hendricks Housebar

1718 Bates-Hendricks Housebar
Bates-Hendricks newest neighborhood bar comes surprisingly in the form of a house. Chad Johnson and Tiffany Obrecht spent several years in the restaurant and advertising businesses before opening 1718 Bates-Hendricks Housebar not even five feet from Obrecht’s current advertising agency. With eight alternating beer taps, a growing wine list, and plenty of house cocktails, you can find the perfect drink to pair with chef Eric Krohne’s soup of the day. “We already have people asking us to post our soup of the day early enough so they can see whether or not they should stop in,” Johnson says. The rotating menu also offers sandwiches, a potato as big as your head, vegetarian dishes, and an upcoming vegan option.

Eclectic decor and low lighting brings a speakeasy feel day or night. Century-old floors and a painting of the Indy skyline with houses in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood are key decor choices that you can’t miss as soon as you walk in. Kid-friendly seating is available any time of the day, and come spring, a pet-friendly patio will open. Johnson says they are more than excited to be a part of the growth in the community. “The message is really from the neighborhood, of the neighborhood, for the neighborhood,” he says. 1718 S. East St., 317-744-0004