March’s First Bite

New In Town: Schoolhouse 7 Cafe in Fishers

Tony Valainis

New in Town: School Days

Schoolhouse 7 Cafe

12125 Cyntheanne Rd., Fishers, 317-485-7717

When Curt and Sarah Tappendorf bought a dilapidated home in 2017, they planned to fix up the property and rent it. But when they learned it used to be a school (known in 1900 as Schoolhouse 7), they came up with a new plan. “There’s so much history we’ve been able to unravel through the Indiana Historical Society,” says Curt. “It made us realize there’s something special here.” The couple restored the building, exposing the floor-to-ceiling brick walls, and leaned into the theme for Schoolhouse 7 Cafe.

“Core Subjects” are all the coffee drinks, from drip to lattes to nitro, with sizes starting at Freshman (12 ounces). Head to the “Extra-Curriculars” on the menu for smoothies, sodas, and blended drinks, and the “Cafeteria” section for food. Family recipes for Sally Jo’s Sausage Soufflé and Grandma Jean’s Chocolate Cake are offered alongside pastries, sandwiches, soups, and quiche, with most things made in-house. 

Pinch of Wisdom

“You don’t need a fancy espresso machine when you can pick up an AeroPress for $30. Brew a shot of espresso and pour it over ice with caramel syrup and 10 ounces of milk. An iced latte is the easiest drink to make at home.”—Rachel Priddy, owner of Rose & Lois coffee shop in Carmel

1718: The Bates-Hendricks Housebar

Cheers: In The House

1718: The Bates-Hendricks Housebar

1718 S. East St., 317-744-0004

If last year saw the emergence of craft cocktail spots in some unexpected corners of the city, none were as surprising—or as welcome—as the spiffy watering hole Chad Johnson and Tiffany Obrecht-Johnson introduced to Bates-Hendricks in November. Installed in a turn-of-the-century house at the heart of this near-southside neighborhood, the Johnsons’ 1718: The Bates-Hendricks Housebar has the comfy cred of a long-established tavern with the sleek style of a modern lounge. Nowhere is that more evident than the backroom bar, where glowing shelves illuminate the Indy skyline sketched on the wall. A brief kitchen menu offers deli classics such as a turkey Rachel and a dolled-up ham and cheese with Gruyère on Amelia’s city loaf, as well as daily soups and a loaded potato. An outdoor patio with a high fence promises secluded sipping with the locals come summer.

The Feed

In January, Top Chef alumni Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis opened an Indianapolis version of their Root & Bone restaurant, focused on “the timeless recipes and traditions of a rural America” … Public Greens plans to open its fourth location on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus … Black Acre Loft, a satellite of the Irvington brewery, is serving old-meets-new cocktails in a speakeasy-style space downtown.