The City’s Best Elotes

Livery corn

Photo by Tony Valainis

Grilled Mexican corn on the cob gives the summer’s golden harvest a deluxe upgrade with mayo and spice and everything nice. Here, our five favorites.


A smear of salty-sweet fermented black-bean mayo provides a distinctly funky undertone for Beholder’s Chili Cheese Corn Elote. A light layer of Cotija and a zesty crust of crushed Chili Cheese Fritos add a punch of flavor. 1844 E. 10th St., 317-419-3471


Livery’s street corn gets its heat from a base layer of chipotle mayo rolled in the traditional Mexican Cotija, a salty, unmelting cheese that maintains a snowy consistency when grated. This one is finished with fresh cilantro and a DIY squirt of lime. 720 N. College Ave., 317-383-0330

La Parada

This Holy Cross neighborhood restaurant is generous with the smoked paprika applied to its flavorful skewered corn in a thick russet coat. The peppery wallop clings to an equally dense Cotija layer to make the perfect carryout snack or a side with a plate heaped with slow-cooked carnitas. 1642 E. New York St., 317-917-0095

Tha Corn Man

The breakout hit for Houston native Timmy Campbell’s catering business (and upcoming food truck) is his decked-out elote roasted and properly anointed, then covered in the likes of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust and bacon. “Everyone loves bacon,” says Campbell, who also serves colored elotes—in bright pink or purple, even green for St. Patrick’s Day—that get their distinctive hue from an outer layer of colored Parmesan. 2442 N. Central Ave., 317-360-2900

Chile y Limón

No surprise that a Mexican snack shop specializing in steak-and-Cheetos burritos and fruity shaved-ice raspados would lavish its jumbo, mayo-rolled elote in a liberal coating of the classic Mexican condiment, Tajín. Between tangy bites, sip a refreshing, sweet hibiscus agua fresca. 6250 W. 38th St., 317-434-1255