The Scarlet Lane Brewer And Cinéaste Moonlighting As An Indie Filmmaker

Hull at the brand new Living Room Theater.

Author, filmmaker, and brewer Joshua Hull couldn’t have a more interesting career path if he’d written the story himself. He’s an assistant brewer at Scarlet Lane Brewing Co., a filmmaker with three micro-budget movies under his belt, and now a published author. His first book, Underexposed! The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made, will be released this month.

Hull grew up in Pendleton, where his mother introduced him to Jaws and Halloween at a young age. “She’s always been into scaring her children, and that’s where I got my love for the genre,” Hull says. “I would spend a lot of time in the horror section of a small video store up the road from my house. Watching those movies every weekend was my film school.”

While Hull always wanted a career in movies, restaurant jobs paid the bills. He worked in management for several years until he connected with the owners of Scarlet Lane. They offered to screen his third film, Chopping Block, in 2015, and then invited him to join the business. In addition to helping head brewer Eilise Lane with production, Hull works with businesses and filmmakers to create event beers. 

His new book was a result of his love for alternate movie posters, a popular art movement where artists do their own versions of the promotional materials. “I don’t know a lot of people whose interests can intersect with each other like they do in my daily life,” Hull says. “It’s wild, and I feel really lucky.”