Elyse Thorne Knows How To Dress For Brunch

a woman in plaid
You go out to brunch a lot.

When my husband, RC, and I first started our blog, Indy Brunch Couple (@indy_brunch_couple), we went almost every day. Now we go once a week or so.

How did that start?

RC and I always bonded over food when we were dating. We lived an hour and a half apart, so it made sense to meet for dinner or lunch. We would post pictures of our food adventures on social media, and our friends got annoyed at being inundated with all of our food photos. It became a half joke for us. We were at Caffé Buondí in Carmel and I said, “I’m going to set up a blog.” We made our very first post there.

Seems like food has been a big part of your love story. Even your wedding in 2020 had a brunch connection.

Yes, we got married at Gallery Pastry Shop. Both of us had been married before and had big lavish weddings that didn’t work out. It was important to us to have something intimate. We’ve become close with co-owners Alison [Keefer] and Ben [Hardy] over the years, and it felt like home. We got married on a gorgeous fall day in front of their butterfly wall, and it was like having a nice dinner with friends and family, but with brunch instead. It was the most non-traditional, fun wedding that was very much us.

Why start a blog about brunch, specifically? Any plans to expand beyond?

Brunch is a fun meal where you can unwind from the week, sleep in, and enjoy both sweet and savory foods. I’m sweets, RC is savory. It broadened our palates to try each other’s food. Sometimes we’ve posted highlight reels on Instagram about dinners and other events at places like The Yard, but our brand is so good at being just about brunch, and there’s always a new place opening.

An obvious question for the Queen of Brunch: What’s your favorite item to order?

If it’s sweet, I love waffles. They’re way different than pancakes. If it’s savory, any kind of avocado toast.

What’s it like, being a food blogger?

It wasn’t our intention to be influencers, but sometimes someone recognizes us. It’s very flattering when that happens, and when people say, “We went here because you recommended it.” I once had someone come up and ask to take a picture with us, which was surreal.

Is blogging your full-time job?

As much as I love brunching as a hobby, I’m a nurse practitioner by day. Eating doesn’t pay the bills.

Which brunch spots in the city are worth repeat visits?

That’s like asking someone to pick their favorite child. Any of the Gallery Pastry locations, Root & Bone. You also can’t go wrong with Petite Chou.

Other favorite local spots?

My favorite food is Thai, and Bodhi is excellent. Cocktails, food, and the atmosphere are great. We like to go to Penn + Beech for their [reed] diffusers. Nothing better than getting to make your own. We live downtown now in Fall Creek Place, so we walk to Goose the Market and get bacon and small groceries. We also love Maialina for Italian food and The Commodore speakeasy. It’s kind of tucked away, so you have to know it’s there.

How do you stay cozy in the winter?

I’ll wear leggings and a sweater, pop on a cute little hat and some boots. That way, I can fill up on all the food I’m gonna eat.

Favorite local shops?

Magnolia Boutique and Dottie Couture.

Finish this sentence: Brunch isn’t brunch without …