Best Indy Spas: Fancy Footwork

Signature Pedicure, $55, at Little Nail Shop

The Premise: Along with his dimples, I inherited my dad’s historically itchy, dry feet. And when I say dry, I’m talking cracked, ashy caveman heels. After nearly a year without a pedicure, I took one look down at my Fred Flintstone–esque toes and decided that these dire circumstances called for an extreme makeover: tootsies edition.

The Process: Upon entering this dreamy nail palace, my technician, Lonni, led me to a cushy cream chair and draped a lukewarm rice bag around my neck. I dipped my feet in a bubbling hot bath sprinkled with orange slices before she began a quick round of clipping, filing, and trimming. Next, she massaged a fine sugar scrub up my calves and back down to the tips of my toes until my rough, dull skin began to glisten. After washing off the scrub, she applied a glob of peppermint lotion to one gam at a time as she alternated between light pattering taps and long, soothing strokes. Then came the glorious sequence that justified every last penny of this costly treatment: She coated my feet in a light paraffin glaze and wrapped them up in plastic, warm towels, and miniature heating pads that resembled little elf shoes. As I felt the heat and moisture go to work on my hard calluses, Lonni asked, “Would you like a complimentary hand massage?” I nearly began shouting, “Yes, yes, yes!” like I was starring in an Herbal Essence commercial, but I showed some restraint while she firmly pressed her thumbs into both palms. Finally, she rinsed my feet and carefully painted each nail with the gorgeous plum Chanel polish I had selected.

The Vibe: Every 13-year-old girl’s fantasyland, with hot-pink fuzzy rugs, cheeky signs, and orb chandeliers that look like floating dandelions.

Photo by Tony Valainis

The Result: When I got home, my feet felt and looked so silky-smooth that I skipped my usual thick wool socks in favor of parading my bare, twinkling toes around the house. Three weeks later, my glossy polish still didn’t have a single chip in sight.

Before You Go: Be extra-careful when shaving, or endure intense burning in every nick and cut during the sugar scrub.

Wish We’d Known: To wear stretchy pants. It took me an embarrassing two minutes to force my skinny jeans up over both calves.

Bonus Tip: There’s a kids’ area with iPads and toys if you can’t find a sitter. Children 12 and under can get a basic manicure for only $20 while Mommy gets pampered.

Try This If: You splurge on a pedicure only once a year.

9407 N. Meridian St., 317-844-9081,