25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Cooking with Regina Mehallick

Day 18: A cooking class with you, your kids, and Regina Mehallick.

As part of R2GO’s traditional cooking classes, Regina Mehallick is offering a Parent & Child Cooking Class on January 11, 2017. A cooking class with one of the city’s best chefs might not be at the top of your child’s wish list, but the reward is a lifelong love of cooking. You can say it’s a gift for your little ones, but we know that selfishly, it’s for you, and that’s okay. If you think your kids are ready to learn the basics of cooking (and they’re tall enough to see into a pot on the stove), there’s no better teacher than R2GO’s Mehallick. Wrapping this and gifting it to your young kids is probably a bad idea unless you’re doing a Jimmy Kimmel prank video$80. R2GO, 1101 N. College Ave., 317-737-2543