Hot List 2.22.18: Succulent Soaps, Camo For Guys, And Looks That Harbor Spring

Stylish Stuff We’re Loving Right Now
The Hot List is a weekly roundup of our very favorite Instagram finds.

There’s nothing like a dress that turns heads, and the red ruffles on this one are sure to get necks a-craning. Lesley Jane Boutique, 150 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-873-9999

Finding the motivation to hit the gym can be a struggle. But Love Your Body Boutique’s playful outfits make us want to get up and go. Love Your Body Boutique, 1726 E. 86th St., 317-663-8440

The 70-degree weather this week had us ready for shorts season. This blazer two-piece is that perfect transitional look as the temperature rises. Brick Street Boutique, 34 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 317-739-0525

Justin Timberlake’s attire at the Super Bowl halftime show made it clear that cameo is back, and we love James Dant’s lightweight take on this pattern for spring. James Dant, 5624 E. Washington St., 317-974-9715

At last, a succulent that does more than simply sit pretty. We just hope that the soap isn’t as prickly as the real deal. Homespun: Modern Handmade , 869 Massachusetts Ave., 317-351-0280