Our Guide To Carmel’s New Outdoor Living Room

A numbered map of Carmel’s must-visit locations.


People inside of Sun King Brewery

After mowing the lawn for the second time this week, reward yourself with a Grapefruit Jungle American IPA from Sun King Brewery (1). Hot tip: Your server only takes care of drinks. For grub, order at the La Margarita or Pi booth, like you would at a food court. 351 Monon Blvd., 317-843-6250, sunkingbrewing.com


The Carmel outpost of Fortville’s well-regarded The Den by Foxgardin (2) brings its elevated comfort food to a family-friendly setting where chicken wings are called “bird arms.” 351 Monon Blvd., 317-485-4085, foxgardin.com


Pi pizza from Sun King’s Brewery

Pi (3) pizza counter on Sun King Brewery’s second floor serves whole you-know-whats and sticks close to the standards with a few inventive twists. The Piggy Figgy has fig jam and prosciutto, the 4th and Inches tosses together BBQ sauce, bacon, and pepperoncini, and the Corn Pi introduces something called “garlic heaven sauce” underneath kernels, caramelized onions, sausage, and spinach. 351 Monon Blvd., 317-843-6250, eatbetterpizza.com


People on the Monon Trail

Calling the Monon Trail (4) a “trail” does it a disservice. The newly widened path passes by a mini splash pad called Sprinkle Park, a playground, and shuffleboard courts. Rent an electric bike from Pedego Bikes (it’s just north of Midtown Plaza) and ride to Sail, local artists Quincy Owens’s and Luke Crawley’s largest piece of public art yet. Monon Boulevard and Elm Street, 317-819-7244, midtownplazacarmel.com


The summer calendar at Midtown Carmel never empties. Movies at Midtown (5) are held every Monday, with four family-friendly showings throughout the day. Every Tuesday and Thursday,
a live band entertains the lunch crowd. 365 Monon Blvd., 317-819-7244, midtownplazacarmel.com


Midtown Plaza’s entertainment zone

Midtown Plaza (6) is furnished with couches, community tables, and a giant screen for showing live sports. Take a twirl on a spun chair, those seats that look like tops. Or brush up on your bocce, pingpong, and cornhole skills; it’s free to play. 365 Monon Blvd., 317-819-7244, midtownplazacarmel.com


Games for everyone outside Fork & Ale House

If everyone in your friend group has different dietary needs, go to Fork & Ale House (7). The extensive menu covers more territory than the Monon itself with teriyaki beef wraps, a Brussels sprout salad, house-smoked meats, pizzas, burgers, entrees, and a s’mores calzone for dessert. Post-dinner, order a citrusy signature cocktail that tastes like a frivolous beach read on a 90-degree day. 350 Veterans Way, 317-669-2686, forkalehouse.com


Three-bedroom apartments are hard to come by in this tight real-estate market, but The Railyard at Midtown (8) has them (and 23 other floor plans). Named for Midtown’s industrial past, the complex is nothing like its rusty predecessor with luxury finishes, a terrace-level swimming pool, and a game lounge. 350 Monon Blvd., 317-689-0113, therailyardmidtown.com


Kauai caramel-crunch coffee pods, $15 per dozen at Java House Coffee Bar

Java House Coffee Bar (9) likes to say, “It’s cold brew, not cold coffee.” You can order your drink hot, cold, or nitro. The specials, served in pint glasses, tend to be sweet with lots of cream. (Tell them to halve the amount of syrup if you prefer your coffee as bitter as Miss Havisham.) 145 Elm St., 317-583-6092, javahousecoffeebar.com


Penn & Beech Candle Co.

Visiting Penn & Beech Candle Co. (10) is like walking your dog—there’s a lot of sniffing involved. Step into the glam studio to make your own candle, choosing from more than 100 scents. The selection of vessels is top-notch, but you should probably have staff help you pair multiple scents so you don’t accidentally stumble onto the recipe for Gwyneth’s infamous lady-parts candle. 143 W. Elm St., 317-689-0789, pennandbeech.com


Working remotely for a while? Try Serendipity Lab (11). It has all the amenities your old office had—flexible coworking space, focus rooms, staplers—but with a hospitality-first mindset, like a high-end hotel lobby. Perks include security, concierge services, and guest reception. Drop in for $39 per day. 571 Monon Blvd., 317-215-5440, serendipitylabs.com