Unspoken Rules of Farmers Markets

Look for produce with the stems, leaves, and tops still on. It’ll last longer.
Walking waffle, breakfast crepe: It’s an either/or.
When possible, go specialty. Apples from the apple stand. Greens from the greens booth.
The line for Mathoo’s Eggrolls in Fishers doesn’t lie.
If you shuck it, you buy it.
Get your meat, eggs, and Nicole-Taylor’s pasta first. They go fast.
Yes, Tulip Tree Creamery’s little tub of cultured butter is worth $8.
The fruit vendor has heard that “nice pear” joke before.
Some people will never wake up at 7 a.m. on Saturday, and those people will never score any of Wild Alaska’s salmon at the Broad Ripple market.
Take some cash.
The smiling folks from Schacht Farm can charm you into buying a free-range turkey.
The answer: Because avocados and lemons don’t grow in Indiana.