Best New Comfort Foods: Sugar Cream Pie

The owners of Peterson’s, the popular Fishers restaurant, create a savory and highly desirable pie.
Editor’s Note: When we hunger for clever twists on the classics we grew up with, we take to these savvy restaurants, where everything old is newfangled again. Say hello to the Best New Comfort Foods.

Of all the Hoosier cultural emblems, none is as sweet and soothing as sugar cream pie. Whether it was brought to the state by Quaker, Shaker, or Amish settlers remains an issue of dispute, but the popularity of this iconic dessert derives from its simplicity. With just flour, whipping cream, butter, sugar, a no-roll flaky pie crust, and, in some cases, a dusting of nutmeg, this is a treat you can whip up from your pantry on lean days or in times of wealth—a pie that satisfies in every season. Landing at the more luxurious end of the pie spectrum is this version at the perennially popular Peterson’s in Fishers. Inspired by a family recipe that owner Joe Peterson and wife Marilyn perfected at holiday celebrations, this classic interpre-tation gets careful treatment from pastry chef Hattie McDaniel, who dresses up the dense heirloom pie with a honey-blueberry compote, textbook Chantilly cream, and mint.

7690 E. 96th St., Fishers, 317-598-8863,


This article appeared in the January 2014 issue.