Here’s the Boeuf: Indy’s Dolled-Up Burgers

These top local toques may be cooking up some of Indy’s most creative plates, but they couldn’t resist adding a dolled-up burger choice to their innovative menus.

Greg Norman Ranch Wagyu Burger


“I love to end the shift with a good burger and a beer,” says chef Ricky Hatfield. “But I throw in a few curveballs such as the juicy Greg Norman Wagyu beef and a bacon jam I make with Smoking Goose bacon.” Bar regulars know you can also gild the lily with not-so-secret off-the-menu add-ons such as foie gras or truffle butter. $22. 7690 E. 96th St., Fishers, 598-8863,

Backyard Burger

The Local Eatery & Pub

The Local's Backyard Burger

For chef Matt Stum, it was a no-brainer to put the creation that won him the 2015 Bull Burger Battle on the menu of the foodie-friendly Westfield pub where he dreamed it up in the first place. And while he calls it a “Backyard Burger,” your apron-clad uncle probably didn’t put tangy, crunchy pickled mustard seeds and onions marinated in soy sauce on the burger he served you at the family reunion every summer. $13. 14655 N. Gray Rd., Westfield, 218-3786,

The Baller

Spoke & Steele

Spoke & Steele's The Baller

If the cheeky name of his burger doesn’t clue you in to the playful nature of Utah native and Spoke & Steele executive chef Tyson Peterson, then let the ingredients tell the tale: 100 percent American Wagyu beef dressed with “melted” leeks, lightly fruity yuzu pickles, and horseradish aioli on an Amelia’s bun (egg optional). $20. 123 S. Illinois St., 737-1616,

Plancha Burger

Plow & Anchor

Plow & Anchor's Plancha Burger

“I was reluctant to keep it on the menu at first,” says Matthew Robey, who inherited this popular burger, cooked on a flattop grill that heats to around 600
degrees, from previous Plow & Anchor chefs. “But I love a burger, and it’s a smart option at lunch.” His version pays homage to the original smashed, well-charred patty topped with Fair Oaks cheddar, house-made sweet pickles, Nueske’s bacon, and a ketchup-and-Dijon sauce between an Amelia’s brioche bun. $12. 43 E. 9th St., 964-0538,

Black Market Burger

Black Market

Black Market Burger

Chef Micah Frank included a burger on his original Black Market menu as “that approachable item to help balance out the adventurous” offerings on the farm-to-table menu. But he still asserts a little inventiveness: The combination of Indiana beef and less-traditional lamb (cooked to a pink medium rare) comes topped with curried green-tomato pickles and tangy Capriole goat cheese. $17. 922 Massachusetts Ave., 822-6757,

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