High Braise for The Garden Table

What’s in that pork shoulder dish at The Garden Table?
The Garden Table’s new Mass Ave location offers hearty farm-sourced dinner, like this luscious pork dish. The options change with the season—or the day.

  • Chef Matthew Ward Myers rubs Fischer Farms pork shoulder with coriander and braises it in house-made pork stock for up to 16 hours. He presses the shoulders into blocks, slices on the bias, and pan-fries it in butter to get a crisp crust.
  • Slices of squash are drizzled with brown butter and roasted.
  • Hydroponic greens are blanched for a milder-than-expected bitter green counterpoint.
  • Earthy parsnips are charred and then puréed in cream for a silky alternative to potatoes that doubles as a sauce.
  • Roasted parsnip shavings also adorn the dish.
  • California chestnuts are crisped in some of the fat from the shoulder.
  • Sage or purple basil sprouts make for a bright final garnish.