How To: Revive A Bad Cucumber

How to revive a bad cucumber

Stock image from Pexels

Diners familiar with the veggie-centric style of Duos Indy co-owner Becky Hostetter know that this trailblazer can pull a multitude of flavors out of the simplest ingredients. No surprise that she shines brightest in the summer, even when it comes to just waxing poetic about one of its most underrated crops. “There is nothing tastier than a well-grown summer cucumber,” says Hostetter. “I prefer the English type, or those cute little precious Persian ones, because the traditional variety tends to have tough skin.”

Here, she explains how to revive a bad cucumber.

If a cucumber goes bitter due to lack of water, excessive heat, or “just plain cucumber meanness,” Hostetter suggests pulling out the unpleasant flavors (called cucurbitacins) by slicing off the cucumber tip and rubbing it back on the edge for about a minute. “You will see a bit of creamy substance emerge around the edges,” Hostetter says. “Then cut the other end. Lather, rinse, and repeat.”

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