Wanted: Dining Trends We'd Like to See in Indy

Po’ boys, banh mi, house-pickle plates, fusion tacos, and food trucks are all trends that have hit our dining scene in spades. But here are a few currently fashionable big-city fads we hope will arrive in the not-too-distant future.


Right now, we mostly rely on the frozen ones from the grocery. But these delectable Eastern European dumplings filled with cabbage, potatoes, or sweet cheese are best fresh.






Ham Bars

Warm, small-batch meats are shaved paper-thin just before being served with mustards. With the gems at Smoking Goose, Indy should be at the front of the queue for one of these.




Ramen Shops

Indy’s true lovers of this miso-enriched broth—served at no-frills lunch counters with yards of silky noodles—are, by and large, left microwaving the sad dorm-room variety.



Sure, we love patty melts at Peppy Grill. But when it comes to four-star cuisine you can get in the wee hours, Indy’s insomniacs and night owls are seriously bereft of options.



Nordic Food

We long for a Scandinavian spot, complete with foraged wild fennel, smoked quail eggs, and fried sea moss. The wait may be long, so we’ll get comfy on our IKEA couches until then.




Vegetarian mains

Recent spots have been doing better by the garden—turning cauliflower into “risotto” or “steak”—but it’s time chefs admitted veggies (and tofu) can be just as tasty as flesh.


Robata Bars

With juicy meat that’s roasted by pros, beautiful small-plate sides, and sakes, these Japanese spots have burned in L.A. and NYC for years.



Illustrations by Amanda Meyer

This article appeared in the May 2013 issue.