Best New Breweries

Since we last raised a glass to Central Indiana’s best beer in 2014, dozens of taprooms have opened here. In service to you, thirsty reader, we drank at all of them. What follows is a sampler of the area’s most sippable new suds. Who’s ready for the next round?

  • Central State   – The Fall Creek Place taproom serves some of the most unique beers in the state.

  • Deviate – If a taproom makes its beers this hard to acquire, the suds better be great. And they are.

  • Cannon Ball – One of the smallest taprooms in the city is also one of the greatest.

  • Round Town – Jerry Sutherlin’s taproom is every bit as good as you would expect it to be.

  • Centerpoint – The Circle City Industrial Complex taproom is as pretty as the beer is tasty.

  • St. Joseph  – The heavenly architecture isn’t the only thing this taproom has going for it.

  • Metazoa – This small taproom serves some pretty wild beers.

  • Four Day Ray – An elegant taproom fills a niche in Fishers.

  • Chilly Water – The Fletcher Place taproom offers more than a great location.

  • Blind Owl – This huge, family-friendly taproom gives patrons more than one reason to visit.