Taste Test: Crispy Chicken Sandwiches


630 Virginia Ave., 317-672-7514

Part of the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich’s heat comes from Louisiana mayo—made with Tabasco and Sriracha. For even more firepower, there’s cayenne and chipotle in the batter of the deep-fried chicken breast. 

Shoefly Public House

122 E. 22nd St., 317-283-5007

Soft milk bread from Circle City Sweets encases a Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich. Chili-flaked thighs get tossed in housemade honey-gochujang sauce and topped with fermented kimchi. 

Liter House

5301 Winthrop Ave., 463-221-2800

Don’t be fooled by the no-frills name. The Fried Chicken Sandwich at this “Bavariana” pub in SoBro has its share of working parts: fresh tomato, horseradish pickles, napa cabbage, and lemon poppy-seed aioli. 

Ellison Brewing Company

501 Madison Ave., 317-390-4291

Mounded with coleslaw, the crispy Nashville Hot Yardbird sandwich gets a liberal drizzle of Tabasco-flavored honey before it’s tucked inside a grilled bun. 

Editor’s Note: With the exception of Liter House, which has pivoted to a marketplace and pantry, and Ellison Brewing Company, which has closed operations until further notice, these sandwiches are available for takeout.