A woman dancing in a red Swerk t-shirt with a group of other women

Get Your SWERK On At DanceWorks Indy

Want to break a sweat in a fun dance class? Just SWERK it out.
a bald man wearing glasses in a doctor's coat

Social Media Health Trends Debunked

It can be overwhelming to sort through myriad results in search for health information online. Is social media really the place to research something so important?

Finding My Words After A Medical Mystery

As a former bookstore owner, I lived my life around a love of the printed word. But when an inexplicable disorder struck, I lost that—and just about everything else. It has taken me years, but I’m finally getting to the part with the happy ending.
Heather Brown with her back facing, hand on her hip, looking right

Heather Brown’s Private Enterprise

Butt facials are a thing. Seem weird? Just hear us.
A man swinging with both arms on a grip Ultimate Ninja

How To Master Your Fitness Like A Ninja

Immerse yourself in a real-life American Ninja Warrior experience in Noblesville.
women meditating

Find Your Happy Place With Beginner’s Meditation

Shake off sluggishness and find calm with these options for beginning meditators.
a hand on a fly fishing pole

Fly Fishing Casts A Spell

A pastime doubles as a proven balm for the mind, and can be done right on our doorstep.
Maria Renner is always eager to put belly massage first-timers at ease.

The Benefits Of Belly Massage

We had a gut feeling about belly massage.

Hot Tips For Summer Beauty From Local Pros

Three beauty experts spill the secrets to putting your best foot—and face and hair—forward throughout the steamy season.

The Gatling Gauntlet Course Of Action

Test your mettle at Johnson County Park’s challenging new attraction.