An illustration of Gulley reaching out to Parent Trap his kiddos

The Parent Trap

People should stay close to home where they belong, particularly when those people are my kids.
A man welcoming people on boats from an Indiana beach due to climate change

Sea Change

Global warming is real, but maybe Florida’s loss will be our gain.

Country Living Is Such A Chore

Pastoral life has a reputation for being relaxing, but the cold truth is: It’s a lot of work.
Phil Gulley shaking hands with David Winters

Meet Me In The Middle

Even in a small town like Danville, there’s room for civility between the two Americas.
Phil Gulley appreciates the power of spring smells like Dairy Queen ice cream, fresh cut grass

Scents And Sensibility

I once underappreciated the emotional power of smell, but I've come to my senses.
a man snoozing

Head In The Cloud

Phil Gulley's laziness and distractibility? There should be an app for that.
a smiling man in a screen-house

Shooting The Breeze In The Screenhouse

The timing to build his screenhouse could have been better, but for Phil Gulley there are few problems a good screenhouse can’t solve.

The Pacers’ “Happy” Daze

The Indiana Pacers are nearly halfway through what will again be a playoff-less campaign.
An illustration of a man looking to the night sky from behind a window

Hoosier Bright Spots

As bad as 2021 was, a few Hoosiers renewed Phil Gulley's faith in humanity.
An angry restaurant patron next to a TV and music note

Sound Check, Please

I've lost my appetite for loud music and television in restaurants.