Total Recall: Lessons From An Eclipse Chaser

An eclipse chaser recalls his 2017 quest.

From Here To Totality: A Check-In With Towns Along The Path...

How the towns at the center of the eclipse's path are gonna ring in the occasion with an influx of tourists.

How To Maximize Your Eclipse Experience

A Purdue professor explains how to get the most out of the eclipse.

The Change That Made Me Fall Back In Love With Baseball

How a major league fan living in a town without a team fell back in love with baseball.
people viewing eclipse

From Here To Totality

The upcoming eclipse will cut a diagonal path across Indiana from just west of Evansville to just east of Fort Wayne, darkening an area...

The 20 Best Places to View the Solar Eclipse

On April 8, in roughly the same amount of time it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn, Indiana will be treated to one...

Hotel Tango

COMBAT VETERAN Travis Barnes applies the discipline he learned in the Marines to distilling at the Fletcher Place operation he established in 2013. Nods...

Hunt Club Distillery

Hunt Club’s self-described “president, distiller, and toilet cleaner” Mark Schilling gives us the low-down on his brewing operation.

Laughing Out Loud

Comedian Megan Gailey has built a Hollywood career out of her biting wit and hilariously unfiltered storytelling. Funny thing is, she gets some of her best material back home in Indiana.

Great Bakes: Intro

When I moved here from Mississippi in 2008, bakeries were few and far between—and don’t even get me started on coffee and pastry shops....